Is power supply available now?

Yes, currently more than 100MWe is available at multiple locations and this is expected to increase going forward.

What is the price of the electricity?

The current power supplies from Power Block are among the lowest electricity prices of any stable, industrialized country in the world. The price of the electricity is dependent on the location, the amount of electricity purchased, and the type of generation. Each supply of electricity will be unique and quoted based on the customer’s specific requirements. Typically, effective energy costs are less than 4 cents (USD) per KWh. Large blockchain mining operations, with over 100 servers, are negotiated on a case by case basis Prices are subject to change until contract is executed

How long are the power contracts?

Typically 2-5 years. The contracts are varied, based on the location and power generation portfolio supplying the contract.

How can I secure the power capacity?

Power Block works with many market participants and suppliers, via bi-lateral or two party contracts, for the power capacity (as well as related data center infrastructure scope of supply). To begin mining please contact Power Block and you will be directed to the appropriate person to support your efforts.

Where are the power/data center locations?

Our primary focus for long term development is North America. We have current projects that have and/or supporting operations in Europe and Asia as well.

What data center building/rack space solutions are currently available?

We work with several such suppliers. Power Block will work with you to find the most reliable and cost competitive solution possible and we can make any necessary introductions to assist your efforts.