Loan To Value
As Low as 7%
Interest Rates
6 or 12 Month
Loan Terms
No Monthly Payments
Don’t sell your Bitcoin, use our cash instead.

We offer our customers the ability to preserve their bitcoin/cryptocurrency holdings yet access the cash needed to run your business. We provide liquidity of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP, or LTC) today without losing the future value of the digital assets.

Power Block vs Other Lenders(Cash Flow Availability)

Assumes initial Bitcoin Price of $5000 and appreciating to $7000 during 12 month term

Disbursement of $200,000 USD Cumulative Cash Flow
12 Month Term BTC Collateral Required Interest Rate Terms Day 1 BTC $5,000 3 Months BTC $5,500 6 Months BTC $6,000 9 Months BTC $6,500 12 Months BTC $7,000
Power Block (70% LTV) 62.79 9% Prepaid Interest $200,000 $224,588 $249,176 $273,764 $298,352
Monthly Payments $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 -$28,257
Lender One (70% LTV) 57.14 19.78% Interest Only Payments $200,000 $190,108 $180,216 $170,323 $160,431
Monthly Payments -$3,297 -$9,892 -$19,784 -$29,677 -$39,569
Lender Two (50% LTV) 80.00 8.95% Interest Only Payments $200,000 $195,525 $191,050 $186,575 $182,100
Monthly Payments -$1,492 -$4,475 -$8,950 -$13,425 -$17,900
Lender Three (50% LTV) 80.00 11.25% Interest Only Payments $200,000 $194,375 $188,750 $183,125 $177,500
Monthly Payments -$1,875 -$5,625 -$11,250 -$16,875 -$22,500

Our Process

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Customer submits ID and/or KYC / AML information, including bank deposit wire information i.e. how and where will the Power Block loan proceeds be sent. All payments are in USD.


Power Block will produce a loan contract including the interest rate and term.


When Customer agrees to the terms, Power Block produces a cryptocurrency address that customer uses to send their digital assets. Customer transfers collateral to Power Block secure wallet.


As soon as Power Block verifies receipt of cryptocurrency, the loan is approved. Customer can expect receipt of USD loan within one business day if customer deposit bank is inside the United States. If customer deposit bank is outside the United States, deposit will be 1-5 business days depending on deposit bank policies for international wires.

Customer Testimonial

“I had the great pleasure of working with Power Block to obtain Commercial Bitcoin Collateral Loans in order to stabilize our cash flow against Bitcoin price volatility. It is very important that we make capital investments to expand our mining farm yet still preserve our Bitcoin holdings.”

“We were able to use the Power Block 70% LTV Commercial Collateral Loan to acquire more mining equipment and pay our vendors in USD, without selling our Bitcoin. Because we receive our Bitcoin back at the end of the loan, we expect the cost of our equipment to be covered by the increase in value of Bitcoin.”

“Our first experience working with Power Block was simple, fast, and easy. We trust Power Block. We have done multiple loans and we look forward to working with them again very soon.”
“Our first experience working with Power Block was simple, fast, and easy. We trust Power Block. We have done multiple loans and we look forward to working with them again very soon.”
Gabriel Rodriguez
Owner of BitMiningMarket FL.USA


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Aaron J. Tilton
Thomas P. Retson
Nils J. Diaz
Director Regulatory Affairs
Reed T Searle
Director Power Resources
Robert B. Graber
Director Energy Economics
Brad L. Jones
James R. Leyba
Business Development

Contact Us

Powerblock strives to communicate with and inform the public, media and government entities. We often receive a variety of contacts and questions that need to be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate personnel. Contacts made via our website or phone will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate personnel for responses. Besides our email submission form, a phone number is provided, for convenience in reaching personnel.

Most questions can be answered by reviewing the information provided on this website. If you have a question that is not addressed by the website or the links to other websites please feel free to contact us.

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